HBCU Stories

Kenny Lloyd- Tennessee State University

“Tennessee State University Grad Owns One of the Leading Health & Wellness Company”Kenneth Earl Lloyd is known to everyone as “Kenny” has spent more than 15 years building multi-million-dollar empires as an executive and distributor for several major global network marketing companies. As a powerhouse in Ardyss International and Total Life Changes to name a … Read more

Loren Gonzalez- Savannah State ’22

My SSU! When I was deciding on exactly what school I wanted to go to, I always knew I wanted to go to a HBCU, but I was trying everything in my power not to go to Savannah State. SSU is my grandparent’s alma mater, so when I think of the school I think of … Read more

Nicolle D. Harris- Delaware State University ’02

When I was in high school applying for college I remember one of my favorite teachers (who shall remain nameless) actually yelled at me. She was upset that I was applying to Historical Black Colleges. She actually yelled “Nicolle we don’t live in a black world” 😔 I was so disappointed that she actually yelled … Read more

Tierra Veney- Norfolk State University ’10

I stepped foot on NSU’s campus during the summer of 2003 for band camp. I tried out for weeks for the “Hot Ice” dance team and made the team along with my 5 line sisters Pam, Tia, Sheena, Ashley, and Marietta. We didn’t cross into the team all at the same. We all crossed one … Read more

Curtis N. Symonds- Central State University ’78

A chip on my shoulder… When I was in high school all I wanted to do is play ball but I was the last guy cut up to my junior year and because of that experience, my life changed moving forward. I told my high school coach you would not stop me from playing ball … Read more

Jalene Mack- Xavier University ’90

I am a proud graduate of two HBCUs. I graduated from Xavier University of New Orleans in 1990 with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Mass Communications; and I graduated from Texas Southern University, Thurgood Marshall School of Law in 1993. I grew up in New Orleans, a predominantly Catholic city. Although … Read more

photos of Alpha Kappa Alpha sisters

Mi’Lisa Patton – Savannah State University ’12

Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Attending an HBCU was not my first option. I wanted to go to a big school out of state. My hopes were set on the University of Alabama and you couldn’t get me to believe anything otherwise. I applied, … Read more

photo of Hampton University student

Samantha Taylor – Hampton University ’09

Bachelors Degree in Marketing, Public Relations Minor I Love I Love MY HIU!!! My Home By the Sea! I loved every bit of my four years at Hampton University. I never imagined that I would learn so much about my history, my school’s history, and meet so many great people. From my first day of … Read more